RN Elements - Modernise Workplace Learning. Sharpen Your Competitiveness

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Do you observe skill gaps in your organisation?

Even if you are engaged in the enhancement of workplace learning, as many biopharmaceutical companies are, the answer is likely still yes.

Now more than ever, the modern workplace demands these gaps be closed, but where do you focus first?

  • Invest in your high performers - a proven effective retention strategy.
  • 70% of your organisation is made up of middle performers. Yet they are the most critical to engage as they have the greatest potential to substantially increase revenue*

*Murphy, Mark. ”How to Bring Out the Best in your Middle Performers.” Forbes 3 Apr. 2016.

Put RN Elements to Work For You

RN Elements are skills compendiums uniquely designed for life sciences

  • Tailored, just-in-time programs to develop critical skills and behaviours and reinforce learning
  • Nimble, efcient, cost-effective approach to drive a lift in skills development
  • Built on the foundation of proven adult learning principles and methodologies

Results you can expect

  • Enhance the critical skills of your team that are proven to improve performance
  • Sharpen the competitiveness of your team
  • Support and track capability growth across all engaged global markets
  • Optimise business results due to strong commitment to excellence

Track and Support Capability Development Across Your Global Organisation

Improve Capabilities That Most Directly Enhances Corporate Performance - RN Elements Are:

  • Scalable offerings that allow you to build capability locally
  • Adaptable to meet the needs of your individual teams, markets, and geographies
  • Delivered in a way that addresses the challenges of the modern workplace learner

RN Elements Are Organised Into 4 Skills Categories

Selling Skills

  • Value-BasedSelling
  • Questioning Skills
  • Objection Handling
  • Negotiating Skills
  • High Impact Closing
  • Challenging With Authority
  • Multiple Calls on the Same Customer

Interpersonal Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Investigating Effectively
  • Remote Working
  • Congress Skills
  • Building LongTerm Relationships
  • Presentation Skills

Strategic Marketing

  • Customer Insights
  • Brand Planning
  • High Impact Messages
  • Identifying & Targeting New Customers
  • Addressing Customer Needs

Organisational & Industry Acumen

  • Medical Plan
  • Value Based Interactions for Medical


Choose topic & delivery type

Choose the RN Element from our Skills Compendiums

Chose delivery type for the 1-2 hour training program

  • Live facilitation
  • Virtual facilitation
  • E-learning

Identify required materials

Based on delivery type, choose the supporting materials

  • Slide deck
  • Leader guide
  • Participant guide for facilitated delivery
  • SCORM package for e-learning delivery

Plan delivery & measurement

  • Hire RN Elements or use internal trainer for facilitation
  • Deploy e-learning via LMS
  • Track participation and measure results