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Element Consulting GmbH Accelerates Growth,
Announcing a Strategic Partnership With Red Nucleus

Expanded Presence in the Marketplace Driven by Increased Demand from Life Science Companies for Innovative Commercial Learning Solutions

August 7, 2018
Lucerne, Switzerland – Element Consulting GmbH, a leading provider of strategic commercial solutions for the Life Sciences industry, has recently observed an increase in demand for engaging, flexible learning solutions. To meet this burgeoning need, the company established a strategic partnership with Red Nucleus to drive collaborative solutions that modernise workplace learning.

Founded on the belief that any business process can be divided into its component parts, Element Consulting GmbH is committed to providing unique solutions to the Life Sciences community. In 2018, the company signed a strategic partnership with Red Nucleus, the global leading provider of learning and performance solutions for the life sciences industry. Together the companies offer RN Elements, e-Learning or instructor-led programs that develop the critical skills and behaviors that can most directly impact corporate performance.

“Element Consulting GmbH has grown significantly over the past 18 months, due in part to our laser-focused commitment to the Life Sciences industry,” said Peter Lanagan, Founding Partner, Element Consulting GmbH. “In collaboration with our customers we identified a need for targeted, life sciences skills development initiatives, which drove us to explore partnerships and develop new offerings, including RN Elements.”

With decades of life science industry experience at the global, regional and local levels, the team at Element Consulting GmbH is squarely focused on helping customers overcome their specific business challenges. The company developed a scalable, cost-effective approach to help customers develop those critical capabilities and behaviors that drive the greatest business impact.

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Element Consulting GmbH is founded on decades of life science industry experience. With a background in global, regional and local senior management, we allow you to focus on what matters for your business. We work with you to identify the elements and levers that truly impact your performance. As many life science companies reduce internal resources, we combine our expertise with a network of key strategic partners in sales, marketing management,commercial excellence, medical and value and access to enhance your capability and capacity. We have been where you are, have been accountable for what you grapple with and we have competence you can trust. For more information, visit